Flight over sea screensaver

Flight Over Sea free 3D screensaver v2.8

Go on a flight above the infinite sea under the bright sun and the amazingly beautiful sky. Now you don't need a private jet for that - just download and install the Flight Over Sea 3D screensaver. Once you run it on your Windows 7 computer, you will forget where you are and feel the breeze of the ocean. The skies are high, the sun is bright and the sea is limitless - what else may you want to feel happy? Probably the calm and quiet music pouring through your earphones. The screensaver has a great soundtrack that will help you relax above the waves and under the sky. The animated sea looks extremely real and makes you want to extend your hands and touch the water. This moving 3D screensaver is free to download and install, but after you do so, you will find it hard to avoid getting the full version so you can enjoy this view forever. You don't believe it? Well, install the sea screensaver and see it for yourself!

Flight over sea 3D screensaver screenshot. Click to enlarge Flight over sea 3D screensaver screenshot. Click to enlarge

Size: 1.9 MB

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