Moving 3D Screensavers for Windows

Planetarium 3D
Planetarium 3D

This interactive 3D planetarium features all 8 planets of our Solar System and Moon in very high details.

Download Planetarium 3D
Solar System - Earth 3D
Solar System - Earth

See how Earth looks like from space with this moving 3D screensaver for Windows 10. Smooth animation of our planet features city lights, clouds and incredibly detailed landscape. The breathtaking experience is hard to describe with bare words! Try it.

Fantastic Ocean 3D
Fantastic Ocean

This popular Windows 7 screen saver turns PC screen into a fancy shoreless ocean and takes you to a trip over its surface. Experience day and night changes, look at fascinating sun glints and nearly feel the fresh wind and rustling waves with your very skin.

Solar System - Moon 3D
Solar System - Moon

Follow in the footsteps of 'Buzz' Aldrin and discover the mystic beauty of the Moon - the only space object man has stepped onto. Refined graphics built from real photos of the Moon virtually take you to the space flight around our natural satellite.

Solar System - Mars 3D
Solar System - Mars

Enter the orbit of Mars, one of the most mysterious planets in the Solar system. This popular animated screensaver shows marvelous picture of Mars based on actual space photos, so you can enjoy your mission on the red planet without leaving your home.

Green Fields 3D
Green Fields

Calm down, leave your worries behind and take a minute contemplating meditative green fields. Naturally-looking grass, clear deep sky and sparkling sun glances quickly refresh you and put you in good heart. Download Green Fields and have a rest-time.

Dark Castle 3D
Dark Castle

A gothic castle staying in the deep forest somewhere in Transylvania. Moonlight, heavy rain and rare lightnings in the sky compose ineffable gloomy and spooky feeling while quality realistic 3D graphics and convincing leaden clouds polish the picture.

Water Life 3D
Water Life

Take a deep breath and dive into the charming underwater world! Fanciful fishes, vivid marine weeds, corals and old ship wrecks - take your own marine tour to discover the fascinating secrets of the water life. This is the one of the great marine screensavers.

Solar System 3D
Solar System

If you like astronomy 3D screensavers (and who doesn't?), try the animated model of Solar System: it is not only picturesque, but also accurate in proportions and trajectories. No doubt you will learn some useful information about each planet.

Sea Storm 3D
Sea Storm

Do not miss the opportunity to watch a realistic animated sea storm! All the details of this popular 3D software are thoroughly worked out, and the combination of moving blue waves, sunset sky and mighty whirlwind is absolutely perfect. Check it yourself!

Amazing Bubbles free screensaver
Amazing Bubbles

Bubble up your PC desktop! Choose a picture and see how shimmering bubbles start growing on the surface. Bright colors, smooth animation and ability to customize the behavior of bubbles let your enjoy this hypnotizing process forever. And it's free.

Solar System - Uranus
Solar System - Uranus

Follow the path of Voyager-2 and enter the orbit of Uranus - a distant and mysterious planet on backyards of the Solar system. The precise picture based on space photos and nice animation - Uranus screen saver is a cool true gem for every astronomy fan.

Christmas Magic 3D
Christmas Magic

Winter has begun! It has decorated everything with snow and ice flowers, but the most exciting event is yet to come. Christmas Magic for Windows 8 will fill your house and your heart with a delighted expectation of a miracle. Free download for PC!