Fantastic Ocean 3D
Fantastic Ocean

This spectacular moving 3D screensaver is what you need to get relaxed in the middle of a working day. As it is dawning and dusking, enjoy the fabulous views of sunsets and sunrises. Don't be afraid of changeable ocean weather and fly to the alluring horizon.

Solar System - Earth 3D
Solar System - Earth

A new space desktop theme of incredible beauty! It invites you to make a space tour around our planet. This astronomy 3D software shows the realistic animated image of the tremendous Earth, which will definitely fill you with awe and admiration.

Dark Castle 3D
Dark Castle

Who knows what secrets are kept by this dark gloomy castle? Are you eager to have a look into its narrow windows? Get this animated 3D theme and reveal the mystery! You will explore the adjacent forest and even see what is going on inside the castle.

Solar System - Mars 3D
Solar System - Mars

Mars screen saver will definitely become your favorite one! Its advanced graphics and animated image of the red planet are really captivating! Do not forget about the time, or you will spend the whole day admiring the impressive space panorama.

Solar System - Moon 3D
Solar System - Moon

The Moon has always attracted astronomers and scientists. Some fantastic secrets still can be hidden there. Explore the Moon's surface with Moon desktop enhancement! It is your only chance to see the invisible side of the Moon with its craters.

Green Fields 3D
Green Fields

Forget your troubles for a while! The nature 3D theme invites you to spend some time in the country, in the middle of illimitable green fields, stretching to the horizon. Feel the beneficial tranquility of the Nature and have a rest.

Water Life 3D
Water Life

Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving? It is no more necessary to spend lots of money on travelling and equipment. Just get a marine screensaver and explore the underwater world! Water Life screen saver is your dream coming true.

Alien Clock 3D
Alien Clock

All the astronomers of the Earth are puzzled: what is that unusual sphere orbiting our planet? Solve this riddle with an animated 3D astronomy desktop theme, which is the only tool invented to investigate the Alien Clock. Time is getting on!

Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D
Alien Plasma Tunnels

The new beautiful Windows 8 downloads will fascinate you with the breathtaking flight through moving Alien Plasma Tunnels. Who knows what is expecting you on the other end? Relax and enjoy your journey - the meeting with friendly aliens will reveal lots of strange secrets.

Solar System 3D
Solar System

A beautifully precise model of Solar system is bound to become your favorite desktop enhancement! All the nine planets with their trajectories around the Sun, a stunning view of Milky Way and major constellations are presented in the Solar System 3D screen saver.

Canyon Flight 3D
Canyon Flight

If you dream of visiting the Grand Canyon, but cannot afford it yet, here is a cool desktop screen saver created just for you! Canyon Flight 3D will let you fly through a realistic 3D canyon. Download free trial version for Windows 8 and try it out.

Sea Storm 3D
Sea Storm

Who might think that a sea storm is so close? It is right here, the animated Sea Storm 3D theme featuring wonderful 3D graphics, stereo sound, raging storm and dangerous tornados. This storm is a spectacular scene, but it will not do you any harm!

Solar System - Uranus
Solar System - Uranus

The mysterious unexplored "ice giant" is now so easy to observe! Uranus 3D shows you the seventh planet of the Solar System. With this free moving screen saver you will make a space tour watching the thick blue-green atmosphere of Uranus.

Amazing Bubbles
Amazing Bubbles

Find a source of inspiration in a free animated screensaver. The bright 3D bubbles will refresh your mind and stimulate your creativity. The background, the speed and the number of the bubbles are optional: choose what is most pleasant for you!

Solar System - Neptune
Solar System - Neptune

Get a cool space downloads for free! Neptune 3D theme is a new one from the Solar System series. This dark blue planet against the stellar brightness is what you need to adorn your desktop. The planet and the starry skies are greatly realistic.

Flight Over Sea
Flight Over Sea

Now you can fly over the ocean without leaving your computer! Actually, you need just to install this desktop enhancement for Windows 8. Flight Over Sea 3D will give you new impressions and show marvelous views of the clear sky and the serene ocean.

Christmas Magic 3D
Christmas Magic

Getting ready to celebrating Christmas? Apart from holly and colored lights you need one more special thing! An animated Christmas Magic 3D screen saver is a perfect one to decorate your computer. Have a rest by the festive fireplace.

Santa's Flight 3D
Santa Flight

What a magic night! What a joyful eve! Look around - the sky is sparkling with stars, the land is sparkling with snow. It must be a wonderful dream, to fly far above the cities and mountains together with Santa... But it is Santa's Flight 3D theme!