Solar System - Moon screensaver

Solar System - Moon 3D screensaver v1.7

Have you ever been attracted to the dark side? Probably you haven't, but at least you wanted to see what it is. Now you have the chance to take a close look at what has never been seen by any human from the surface of the Earth. It is the dark side of the Moon. This awesome screensaver will allow you to meditate while looking at the surface of the only natural satellite of our planet Earth. The screensaver will take you into orbit around it. The black-and-white landscapes of the Moon are accurately reproduced according to photos from artificial satellites and the space music of the soundtrack will make you think that you are in a spaceship all alone far above and away from the home planet. And only the tiny bright globe of the Earth moving somewhere in the background from time to time will remind you where you are actually from. Don't miss the opportunity to see what astronauts from the Apollo program saw - download and install this breathtaking 3D screensaver for Windows.

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