Solar System - Uranus screensaver

Solar System - Uranus free 3D screensaver v1.5

It's time to go to the outskirts of the solar system. You can do it without getting up from your cozy chair - just download and install the Uranus screensaver for Windows. When you get tired of browsing the Internet or doing your work, you can always start it and relax a bit hypnotized by the majestic view of the blue giant planet slowly revolving out there in space. Dark and starry background together with shadows shed by the small and faraway yet bright sun will help you imagine that you are in orbit around Uranus observing the planet through the porthole of Voyager 2 - the first spacecraft to fly by Uranus. The calm solidity of a huge celestial body will make all your worries fade away for a few moments. Enjoy this magnificent animated space screensaver absolutely for free - the screensaver does not cost anything. Don't miss the chance to look at this amazing space view.

Size: 3.5 MB

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