Dark Castle screensaver

Dark Castle 3D screensaver v1.3

No matter whether you are fond of old Gothic castles or you are just in a gloomy mood, here something to cater for the case. This animated 3D screensaver will take you inside the somber atmosphere of a medieval castle. Dark secrets and deepest fears are hidden behind the grey cold walls covered with moss. The intense soundtrack leading you to the darkest secrets of the castle will add to the delight of the exquisite animated picture. The monotonous rustle of the heavy rain will be broken by scary sounds and powerful thunder. It will take just a few moments to take you from your cozy chair to the horrifying scenery that makes you blood run cold. See how good your nerves are - download and install this Dark Castle screensaver on your Windows computer and you will probably want to keep it for longer that one scary night.

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