Solar System - Neptune screensaver

Solar System - Neptune free 3D screensaver v1.5

Here comes the ultimate treat among all solar system screensavers for astronomy lovers and just space fans - the Neptune 3D screensaver. The eighth and last planet in the solar system comes before you in all its grace. The huge globe moving in space in its orbit around the Sun looks amazing against the rotating background of the starry sky. This 3D effect produces the impression of being out in open space orbiting Neptune in a lonely spaceship. Where can any earthly problems seem tinier and more unimportant than so far away from the Earth. Experience the relaxation that is only possible when you take a look at the eternity behind the giant planet. Don't rob yourself of this free pleasure - the wonderful animation of the screensaver is there for you absolutely free of charge. Just download and install it to see the beauty and grace of outer space for yourself.

Size: 3.7 MB

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Solar System - Uranus free 3D screensaver

Solar System - Uranus screensaver       The blue globe of Uranus orbits the faraway Sun; the sky is jeweled with innumerable stars. The atmosphere of the "ice giant" is so thick that the astronomers cannot see its surface. Perhaps you will find out something? Try a free space screensaver!

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