Solar System - Mars screensaver

Solar System - Mars 3D screensaver v1.7

What is the forth brightest object that can be seen from the Earth in the sky at night? Don't guess, it's Mars - the forth planet from the Sun. Ancient Egyptians were the first to notice this moving object in the sky, but were they aware of how majestic this celestial body really is? No, they hardly were. But you can admire its grand beauty with the help of this great screensaver. This marvelous surface of the Red Planet will grab your attention and hypnotize you. The 3D graphics and the realistic view of the far away planet will let you imagine that you are in open space in orbit around Mars. The mysterious patterns of channels and craters will make you forget about your daily routine and problems. Get yourself a present - download and install this Windows screensaver and relax your mind for a couple of minutes by looking at the so far and at the same time so close surface of the Red Planet.

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Solar System - Moon 3D screensaver

Solar System - Moon screensaver       If you are fond of astronomy, you definitely need to get this space screensaver. What can be more romantic and fascinating than watching the Moon's slow motion so close to you! And the Earth far away in the starry sky looks like a fragile gem.

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